On 16 April, a joint task force of Brazilian and US agencies (including the Drug Enforcement Administration) arrested Nestor Caro Chapparo, aka Felipe, as he was leaving his luxury apartment in Rio’s upscale Copacabana neighborhood.

This is the second consecutive month Caro Chapparo has made headlines. Last month, a video was leaked showing a number of Colombian army colonels sharing a tender moment over a Vallenato at Caro Chapparo’s 2004 wedding.

The US State Department was offering up to US $5 million for information leading to his arrest.

The arrest occurs the same week that Brazil and the US signed the Defense Cooperation Agreement, to address mutual issues of national security. It also occurs the same week that another high-profile Colombian drug trafficker was arrested abroad. Ramon Quintero was also wanted by State for the same amount.

LatAmThought wrote about this story, which can be found over at Rio Gringa.